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ALTA Refrigeration, Inc.: Renowned Brand in the Industrial Refrigeration Sector

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Refrigeration as a concept and invention revolutionized the way we store food and increased the shelf life of food. The refrigerator that you see at your home, now imagine it at a bigger scale like in an ice cream production unit where it is manufactured and stored in pellets in a large scale refrigeration systems until transport. This is known as industrial-scale refrigeration that is of the utmost importance to companies and industries that work in cold food production, beverage industry, dairy processing, and others. To keep these manufacturing units running and meeting the demands of the market for those products, these companies must maintain their refrigeration system.

ALTA Refrigeration, Inc., one of the leading companies in the industrial-scale refrigeration market, is a family-owned business and was established in 1975 as Industrial Refrigeration Services Inc. This company was then rebranded as ALTA Refrigeration, Inc. in 1999. It strives hard to provide the highest quality of refrigeration systems to the industries. The industrial refrigeration company has built its reputation by being compliant with the regulations for the installation of these systems and OSHA guidelines for creating a safe working environment for its employees. Following the design/build theory, ALTA Refrigeration, Inc. provides custom-build refrigeration systems for their clients that would meet the required needs and help them save money, time and energy. The company provides the following services:

Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance of refrigeration systems, ALTA Refrigeration, Inc. provides preventive maintenance, emergency service, and repairs and retrofits.

Parts and Products: Having a problem with your industrial refrigeration system? Think a part is defective? ALTA Refrigeration, Inc. has got you covered. The company has all the parts and products relating to the system from all the largest manufacturers in the market.

Custom-Build Systems: Being a design/build contractor, the company gives custom-build industrial refrigeration systems to its clients.

One of the primary custom refrigeration companies in the USA, the company is also changing how these systems work. ALTA Refrigeration, Inc. introduced the “Industrial EXPERT Refrigeration System” in 2013 as an efficient alternative to the existing refrigeration systems. Want to know more about this new age refrigeration system? Get in touch with ALTA Refrigeration, Inc. now! The company is a proud member of many associations like CEBA, Global Cold Chain Alliance, IARW and others. To contact them, send them an email or call them on 678.554.1100.

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