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Fingalak App: Hospitality Application in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Are you an event planner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia looking for the right kind of people whom you can hire for tasks that need to be looked after at different kinds of events? Firstly, let’s talk about the basic people requirements that need to be catered successfully to complete an event. You need technical support, someone that can look after the hospitality, and can manage the rest of the work. In any event, if the hospitality is not great, the chances are that it cannot retain people’s attention or appreciation. But if the hospitality is great, your event would be remembered for days, months and even years. But the big question here is where can you find people or businesses that are into hospitality services? The answer is Fingalak or Fingal application (تطبيق فنجالك), a hospitality sharing platform that allows you to connect with the businesses dealing into hospitality.

Forecasting the future of hospitality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company has launched an application “Fingalak” that you can access from your mobile phone. You can find several businesses and connect with them easily using this platform. It allows you to place an order quickly and safely, and moreover, its payment gateways are secured and safe. If you have any queries or doubts about how to place an order and manage payments, you can get in touch with their customer support team, that is available to help you 24*7. Apart from finding the right business, you can also register yourself on the application if you deal into any kind of hospitality business and want a trusted medium to gain popularity and clients. For instance, if you have a coffee business that you want to promote, you can register as my coffee Riyadh (قهوجي الرياض) vendor on Fingalak App and manage your page and customers easily.

At Fingalak App, you get the answers to where you can sell “my coffee (قهوجي)” and can also buy coffee from trusted vendors. The company strives to give you an experience that is different and has authentic Arabian style. They want to ensure that users and sellers like you do not find it difficult to search for whatever you want to. The application takes into account the perspective of the customers and the sellers as well. So, go on and explore the features of Fingalak App today.

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Entered by: samuelgreg82 Entered: 10/02/2020

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