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Thermal Design Solutions: Leading Thermal Design Engineers

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The thermal design of an electronic device is one of the most important factors that anyone designing electronic devices must not neglect. Poor thermal design can result in all kinds of problems, including increased failure rates, sub-optimal functions, and poor thermal ergonomics. That is why thermal design should be one of the earliest considerations in any system design. Otherwise, this can have a very detrimental effect in later stages of product development.

Thermal issues are best handled early in the development stage. This is because, it can be hard to make the necessary changes in hardware design to accommodate the thermal solutions in later stages of product development.

These days, many companies have dedicated thermal engineers who only handle thermal design issues. These engineers spend a great deal of time in thermal analysis and modeling of systems and components.

Other companies hire experienced thermal consultants who can provide thermal design services quickly and cost-effectively. One such company is Thermal Design Solutions. Based in San Francisco Bay Area in California, it serves clients worldwide in thermal designs of electronic devices. The company has expertise in many areas of thermal engineering, including passive and active cooling solutions, outdoor equipment thermal solution, thermal interface materials, phase change materials, liquid cooling, and more.

Thermal Design Solutionshas decades of experience in thermal engineering. Its consultants have worked for some of the well-known technology companies in the world. For more information about Thermal Design Solutions, please visit You can also send e-mail to

For more information, visit

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