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Thermal Design Solutions: Redefining Thermal Engineering

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The introduction of handheld devices such as smart phones has made life easier for a lot of people. Now, people are always connected with their environment wherever they go. The instant messages, the phone calls and video communications, which are now taken for granted, were not there even 15 years ago. Such devices were made possible by advances in many areas of engineering. Thermal engineering is one of them.

As with other electronic devices, handheld devices need power to function. Some components such as the processor and wireless components consume more power than others. The power consumed is released as heat inside the system. This heat must be ultimate rejected to the environment. Otherwise, heat will build up and increase the temperature of the various components inside the system and lead to all kinds of problems. That’s why handheld systems must be design not only for core functions, but also for thermals.

With increased temperature, mobile devices can become inefficient and unreliable. The failure rate of devices also increases with temperature exponentially. Many components inside mobile devices have temperature limits beyond which they can fail or malfunction. In general, IC processors have temperature limits of about 90C. The display has a lower temperature limit of about 60C. Touchable surfaces have even lower temperature limits of about 45C, for ergonomic reasons. To meet all these requirements, thermal engineers employ analysis and testing tools to make sure that the thermal design of such systems is sound and optimal.

These days, thermal engineers spend a great deal of time conducting thermal analysis and simulations of electronic systems. With modern analysis tools, the need for time-consuming testing has diminished. Now, engineers can accurately determine where the hotspots are and what needs to be done to reduce the temperature at these spots relatively quickly.

Many companies handle their thermal analysis and modeling needs in-house. Others with limited resources seek external thermal design consultant firms. Such firms can provide expert thermal design services quickly and cost-effectively. Thermal Design Solutions is one such company.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Thermal Design Solutions is a leading thermal consultant firm that help worldwide clients with thermal design of electronics. With decades of experience in thermal engineering, the company can help in various areas of thermal engineering, including in thermal analysis and testing. The company has extensive background in active and passive cooling solutions, interface materials, phase change materials, ergonomic solutions, and thermal insulation, to name a few>.

If you are looking for thermal consultants, please contact us at You may also visit our site to get more information:

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