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Contact ClearStar for Background Screening of Employees

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Do you own a company? Are you looking for new candidates to join your firm? If yes, you are advised to do a background screening of the employees before hiring them. And for the pre employment background verification work, you should hire professionals because they know how to do the work. If you do not want anyone with a criminal background to join your company, you can trust ClearStar for this work. It is one of the most trusted and well-known companies that is known for the background verification of the employees. The company was started by Ken Dawson and Robert Vale who want to encourage authentic hiring.

The professionals at ClearStar combine the innovative and latest technology to help other companies so that they can get all the relevant information which they may require about a candidate. The hard work of the professionals has finally paid because now ClearStar has become one of the industrial leaders in the employment verification background check. ClearStar has won many awards for the incredible services that it offers. The company also has many affiliations like the Professionals Background Screening Association (PBSA), Drug and Alcohol Testing Industrial Association’s (DATIA), Substance Abuse Program Administrations Association, and more.

Not just this, but ClearStar is also integrated with SAP SuccessFactors® Recruiting to offer the best background screening service. Also, the company is integrated with iCIMS Talent Platform and ProfileGorilla to offer the best of all screening services.

The professionals at this company understand that no one likes to have their social and private lives to get examined. That’s why they use the best approach to lessen the anxiety of the candidates during the background screening process. The experts of ClearStar respect each candidate and do not judge anyone. Also, the experts at this company use the latest technology in each step in order to speed up the process.

ClearStar also uses ClearMD that streamlines everything and offers error-free clinical and drug testing. The company also offers ClearID that you can use to identify your workers. Now, if you think that ClearStar is helpful, you can visit its website and can know more about the services that the company offers. You can also check the ClearStar academy and news section that’s present on the website of this company to know more about them. So, what are you waiting for? Contact ClearStar today for occupational health pre employment screening and detect the false information to keep the workplace safe and secure.

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